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    Basco Wins Trio of Great Taste Awards

    Javier, here. I’m hugely excited to announce that three of my favourite gourmet Spanish foods from Basco – Pluma Iberica Pork, Carabinero Prawns and Sal de Añana Salt Flakes – have each just received the world’s most highly coveted Great Taste Awards. My team here can’t believe it and we’re still celebrating the great news.

    12,772 products from over 100 countries were judged by 500 of the most demanding palates. Internationally renowned food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, buyers, retailers and producers, as well as a whole host of food writers and journalists tasted, judged and awarded the Great Taste stars.

    Lucky 13

    Great Taste is acknowledged globally as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers, which is what makes receiving not one but three awards so incredible. Our three latest awards join our previous 10 Great Taste Awards to make 13 in total.

    As well as a proud badge of honour, the unmistakeable black and gold Great Taste label is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product, which has been discovered through hours and hours of blind tasting by judges.

    Great Taste Ratings

    Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste values taste above all else, with no regard for branding and packaging. All products are removed from their wrapper, jar, box or bottle before being tasted. The judges then savour, confer and re-taste to decide which products are worthy of a 1, 2 or 3-star award. Our Pluma Iberica Pork is the winner of our fourth 3-star Great Taste Award.

    3-star: Extraordinarily tasty foods – less than 3% of products are awarded a 3-star each year – don’t leave the shop without buying it!

    2-star:  Above and beyond delicious – less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating.

    1-star: A food that delivers fantastic flavour. Approximately 25% of entries will achieve this rating each year.

    Pluma Iberica Pork – 3-Star Winner

    What is it?

    Pluma Iberica is a cut from the end of the loin. Tender and rich, Pluma is juicier than presa steak or solomillo iberico, relatively thin, but leaner than secreto skirt steak. Black Iberico pigs roam freely across the dehesa oak forests of southwestern Spain feasting on sweet acorns and natural grasses. It’s this diet that gives the pork its incredibly complex flavour whilst the exercise marbles the meat with wonderfully flavourful fat that melts away as it cooks.

    What did the judges say?

    “This arrived at the table in prime condition with the aroma promising good times ahead. The meat is tender with a nutty and creamy note that is delightful.”

    “A natural sweetness to the meat, packed with deep and balanced flavours. We sense the pigs have had a very happy and healthy life.”

    “Amazing aroma which preceded an amazing flavour. The texture was loose, soft, moist, sweet and earthy.”

    Carabinero Prawns – 2-Star Winner

    What is it?

    Carabinero Prawns are one of the world’s most sought after prawns. Our beautiful Carabineros are large deep-sea prawns caught off the coasts of Morocco or Spain. Known by the Spanish and Portuguese as Carabineros, the English as Scarlet Shrimp or Cardinal Prawns and the French as the Crevette Imperiale, they are famed for their huge size and dramatic bright red colouring. Their flavour is more distinct and robust than other shrimps and langoustines. Michelin star chefs love the drama they bring to a plate.

    What did the judges say?

    “Very attractive looking red prawns.  Beautifully cooked.  Lovely aroma, deliciously sweet, meaty and juicy. Outstanding.”

    “A beautiful, glistening, vibrant coral red prawn which smells of the sea! Well-presented and wholesome looking.”

    “Meaty yet buttery and soft at the same time.  Mineral notes complementing the sweetness.  Intensely rich fish flavours.”

    Sal de Añana Salt Flakes – 1-Star Winner

    What is it?

    Sal de Añana Salt Flakes and are held in acclaim by 22 Michelin star chefs in Spain alone. Their provenance is fascinating. In the oldest town in Alava, in Basque Country, stands the Salt Valley of Salinas de Añana, once a vast sea 200 million years ago. Saltwater is poured over 5,000 platforms to create salt through solar evaporation and an extensive network of wooden channels distributes the water to every corner of the Salt Valley. It’s this completely traditional and organic production method that guarantees the quality of Sal de Añana.

    What did the judges say?

    “Large sparkling flakes with a firm crunch. Intense salty flavour, pure taste, lasting well.”

    “We like the large flakes and how it is crisp and crumbly. There is an intense mineral note along with a wonderful brininess. This is a special product.”

    “Glistening crystals, some very large and and pure white. Crumble well and with intense minerals – not just salty.”

    2019 Great Taste Esteemed Judges

    The panel of judges this year included; cook, writer and champion of sustainable food, Melissa Hemsley, Kenny Tutt, MasterChef 2018 champion, author, Olia Hercules, chef and food writer, Gill Meller, Kavi Thakar from Dishoom, food writer and stylist, Georgina Hayden and author and chef, Zoe Adjonyoh, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Sourced Market and Partridges.

     Other Great Taste Awards winners available from Basco

    Presa Iberica Pork (3-star).

    Cantabrico Anchovies in Olive Oil (3-star).

    Secreto Iberico Pork (2-star).

    Salanort Whole Cooked Octopus (2-star).

    Casa Noguera Botifarra Sausage (1-star).

    Fuenroble Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1-star).

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