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    Ibizkus Rose, Vino de la Tierra de Ibiza

    This Summer has been incredible, hasn’t it?

    The weather has been a completely unexpected and very welcome surprise for UK sun-worshippers. Record temperatures and a heatwave that’s just kept on giving, and the usual sweltering heat in Spain, have seen more and more wine drinkers switching to a refreshingly chilled rose as their drink of choice.

    If you’re already packed and jetting off to Spain to recharge your batteries or have returned wanting to relive the experience, I can reveal that Ibizkus Rose really is a wine you should consider.

    About the Ibiza wine growing region

    As I’m sure you’ll already know, Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of four Balearic Islands of Spain.

    Now, whilst Ibiza is known for being the party island, there is actually a lot more to Ibiza than sheer unadulterated hedonism. Visit and you’ll notice a distinct shift towards a gastronomic food scene, upmarket beach clubs and a significant rise in the quality of indigenous Ibiza wine, especially those containing Mourverde, Monastrell wine grape varieties.

    Wine was always produced on the island, but it in recent decades, due to the influx of holidaymakers, wine has been overlooked for cocktails. Ibiza wine, such as Ibizkus Rose, is produced on a smaller scale to the rest of Spain and most of the island is perfectly suitable for wine production.

    All Ibiza wine comes under the quality scale of ‘Vino de la Tierra’, and there are approximately 60 hectares under vine, 6 wineries and around 1,400 hectolitres of wine, per year, produced. The quality is superb.

    A traditional Mediterranean climate of hot summer days and cool evenings is perfect as it allows the Monastrell grape variety to continue to ripen throughout the night.  The soil plays an important part in shaping Ibiza wine too as the rich terracotta clay and a surface of chalk produces a clean and refreshing style of wine.

    The Ibizkus Rose Winery

    Ibizkus was initially founded in 2007 under the name of Totem wines. Since then, it has quickly established itself as one of the leading producers on the islands and has nurtured a reputation for making premium Ibiza wine of excellent quality. Their wine making journey began with the production of Rose and Red wines, then a White was added to the Ibizkus wine portfolio. Under the guidance of master of wine, Laurent Frésard, the winery has worked with the combination of diverse Mediterranean soil and unique grape varieties to produce genuinely stunning wines that are unmistakably fruity, easy to drink, clean with a modern twist.

    Ibizkus Rose from Ibiza

    Marvellous Monastrell wine grapes

    The cellars are located between the villages of San Rafael and Santa Gertrudis and it is here where the grapes are destemmed, aged, vinified and finally bottled. They have 30 vineyard plots and grow varieties of Monastrell, Syrah, Tempranillo, Macabeo, Malvasia Grec, Parellada and Chardonnay.

    The Monastrell wine grape variety really has come to shine on Ibiza. Known also as Mataro or Mouvedre wine grapes, this variety is black thick-skinned and ripens late, so it’s perfect for Ibiza’s hot sultry days and cooler evenings.

    Ibizkus wine making

    Grapes are harvested in the morning when it is decidedly cooler, then begins the process of hand selection ensuring the best of the bunch are picked to go into making Ibizkus Rose wine.  The grapes are refrigerated prior to maceration to help prevent over colour extraction and maintain the beautiful light salmon pink colour.

    Ibizkus Rose tasting notes

    On first sight, the bottle is the aspect of Ibizkus Rose which immediately catches my eye. It’s a long, slender Provence-style bottle, with a beautiful and contemporary decoration of flowers and grapes with a unique glass stopper. A delightful touch.

    Lift a glass of Ibizkus Rose to the sunlight, and the appearance of this Ibiza wine is a light salmon pink colour with a glint of copper. The nose really opens up to reveal luscious red fruits of strawberries and cream, raspberries and floral notes. The palate itself is wonderfully refreshing, with a zingy zesty note which gives this elegant beginning to the tastes. I love this aspect of Ibizkus Rose. The fruit aromas continue through to the palate and the red fruits of raspberry and strawberries are now joined by a sweet spice. I can really detect the presence of quality Monastrell wine grapes, aka Mourverde.

    Ibiza is all about its seafood specialities and Ibiza wine is a match made in heaven with the fresh fish pulled daily from the Mediterranean or even Asian food. A plate of fresh simply cooked prawns with a spritz of lemon and a cool glass of Ibizkus Rose will transport you and your palate straight back to the beach bars of Ibiza. It could even tempt you to impulsively book a flight back there. Now there’s a thought…

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