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Wood Fired Milk-Fed Lamb

1h 5 mins
2 people
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
Total Time
1h 5 mins
As you probably know, I love cooking in wood fired ovens, there’s something seriously intense about the heat from cooking near direct flame, and lamb works so well, I was recently sent a sample of a milk fed leg of lamb from Spain, from importer Basco Fine Foods and when it arrived, it really was a tiny leg of lamb, and very delicate looking, milk fed lambs are still not weaned from their mothers, and a real delicacy…yes I did feel a little pang of guilt as I watched the lambs prancing around the local fields…but I wanted to try this delicacy. The milk fed lamb was so sweet and had a lovely slight gaminess, was tender and juicy to eat, a real revelation, and unlike any lamb I had tried before, it worked really well with the sweet roasted veg… and my new favourite beer a honey and rosemary ale from Spain called La Socarrada which was perfect with a slight sweetness and citrus acidity.
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Marcus Bawdon

Marcus Bawdon is the editor of UK BBQ Mag and BBQ Blogger at CountryWoodSmoke. He also runs UK BBQ School in sunny Devon. "My motto is cooking outdoors whatever the weather". I love to inspire others to cook outdoors.

Twitter: @devonwoodsmoke
Instagram: @countrywoodsmoke

Wood Fired Milk-Fed Lamb
1h 5 mins
2 people

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