Matsu La Jefa 2021

GRAPE VARIETIES Malvasia and others TASTING NOTES With grapes taken from various plots around the DO Toro region this blend includes grapes from plots of 50-150 years old. The wine spends time on the lees and is aged in large French oak barrels for 14 months. The wine is silky with a lovely creamy texture … Continue reading Matsu La Jefa 2021

Matsu Tasting Box

The Matsu Tasting Box by Basco contains the whole range of red wines from this sought-after winery located in Toro. If you are looking for a quality wine gift that will impress anyone, look no further. The Matsu Tasting Box includes wines from a boutique winery that you cannot buy in any Supermarket or large … Continue reading Matsu Tasting Box

Matsu El Viejo 2020

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Tinta de Toro.  TASTING NOTES ‘The Old One’ of the Matsu range, made from the fruit of selected Tinta de Toro vines, averaging 110 years of age. Matsu is the Japanese word for ‘wait’, and the winery’s philosophy is one of patience and environmental harmony. The vineyards are fully organic. The wine … Continue reading Matsu El Viejo 2020

Matsu El Picaro 2022

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Tinta de Toro. TASTING NOTES Picaro means ‘rogue’ or ‘rascal’, and this rapscallion of a wine is a youthful interpretation of the Toro region’s style. The grapes come from mature vines of over 50 years of age, but the wine spends only three months in oak, preserving their natural fruit profile. Vivid … Continue reading Matsu El Picaro 2022

Matsu El Recio 2021

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Tinta de Toro. TASTING NOTES El Recio translates as ‘the tough guy’, and is a more serious, mature wine, made from the product of some of Toro’s oldest vines, which are cultivated using advanced biodynamic techniques. Aged for 14 months in new French oak provide opulence and polish. Intense and opaque, this … Continue reading Matsu El Recio 2021

The Toro Wine Box

Our Toro wine box is the perfect wine gift for any wine lover of Toro wines. The Toro collection box contains three bottles of toro red wine from some of the best wineries in the region. Whats included in the TORO wine box? Matsu El Picaro means ‘rogue’ or ‘rascal’, and this rapscallion of a … Continue reading The Toro Wine Box

Presa Iberica Hamper

Our Presa Iberica Hamper is the ultimate Ibérico pork hamper box. Presa is a beautiful, flavourful cut of pork that melts in your mouth – we call it the other red meat! Grilled medium rare, it has a juicy, tender bite and a full mouth-watering flavour that speaks of its free-range acorn fed source. Our … Continue reading Presa Iberica Hamper