Vaello Polished Steel Paella Pan 30cm


Ref: EQ0014
Weight: 1KG

  • Made form polished steel for durability

  • Easy to clean and maintain - Not suitable for ovens or induction hobs

  • Serves 2 to 3 people or 4 portions

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Since 1950 La Valenciana has offered customers a wide range of paella equipment products manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Vaello La Valenciana paella pans are made from polished steel. This is the authentic paella pan used to make traditional Valencian paella. Easy to clean and maintain, our paella pans come with 2 handles which are ergonomically designed for maximum cooking comfort. Please ensure you towel dry your paella pan after washing and rub some oil on it to prevent any rust from appearing.

The Vaello La Valenciana Paella pan has 30cm in diameter and it’s the ideal paella pan for 2 to 3 people and makes 4 paella portions.

So why not get your paella cooking skills going with our Vaello La Valenciana paella pan 30cm and be the envy of family and friends this summer! You also get free delivery for orders over £75!

Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Net Weight: 1KG
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Vaello La Valenciana
    • Allergen Free

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    Vaello La Valenciana

    The Source

    Vaello La Valenciana

    Since the 1950s Vaello La Valenciana has offered an extensive range of products that are manufactured for a sole reason. Producing high quality pans and paellas for its customers.

    Vaello La Valenciana is basically based on experience, and has grown thanks to the know-how and the implementation of new technologies. The team at La Valenciana is consisted of the vastly experienced professionals with high tech, cutting edge machinery.

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    Recipe Inspiration

    Paella Rice with Rabbit, Chickpeas and Rosemary
    Paella Rice with Rabbit, Chickpeas and Rosemary
    Total time 55 mins
    Serves 4 people
    Paella Rice with Spiced Duck and Wild Mushrooms
    Paella Rice with Spiced Duck and Wild Mushrooms
    Total time 40 mins
    Serves 2 people
    Paella Rice with Carabinero Prawns
    Paella Rice with Carabinero Prawns
    Total time 1h 10 mins
    Serves 4 people