Todo Brasa Holm Oak Logs 10Kg


Ref: WO0002
Weight: 10Kg

  • Made from kiln dried holm oak logs with less than 15% moisture

  • Makes the most solid ‘pure white’ coals and embers

  • Dense and aromatic, it burns 15-20% longer than other woods

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The Holm Oak tree (Quercus Ilex) is a hard, dense and aromatic hard wood, highly regarded for its long burn characteristic and authentic use in wood-fired oven cooking.

It has a long burn profile and beautifully sweet aromatics of woodland, black pepper and cinnamon with an intense caramel undertone. This is the oak which grows the acorns, which feed the Ibérico pigs called ‘pata negra’ that go on to make beautiful Jamón Ibérico.

Our kiln dried logs made of holm oak wood is harvested in Spain as part of an ongoing programme of coppicing and pollarding of the managed woodlands in the regions, where the focus is on acorn production. Trees are not felled solely for wood as in the normal harvesting way, this occurs only if they are beyond their productive use. Many of the trees are up to 400 years old, and grow mostly in dry-stone walled enclosed pastures, which cattle and other beasts use to graze. The atmosphere is idyllic, and you can feel the weight of tradition and history when you visit the areas.

Holm oak is classically used in Spain to cook milk-fed lamb or suckling pig in the ancient wood-fired ovens of Castilla y León. This wood and the smell of roasted suckling pig hang often in the air of the old city of Segovia.

Especially good in barbecues, grills and wood-fired ovens. Holm oak is a dark, richly aromatic wood that forms the most solid ‘pure white’ coals and embers. We are confident it will become the best wood you have ever cooked with.

Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Net Weight: 10Kg
Best Before: n/a
Country of Origin: Spain
Packaging: Plastic bag
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Usage: Barbecues, grills and wood-fired ovens
Region: Castilla y Leon
    • Allergen Free

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