Kupela Basque Cider


Ref: CI0001
Weight: 75cl

  • Made by family cider house

  • Best served chilled, poured from a height with special pourer which we include

  • Serve with cheeses, cured meats or the famous txuleton steak

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Kupela is a natural Basque cider made from the blend of selected Basque wild apples.

The cider is produced using advanced methods whilst maintaining its tradition. Kupela which means “barrel” is where the natural fermentation of the apple must transforms the sugar into alcohol which results into a fresh and fruity cider made only from natural apples.

The mix between sweetness, fruitiness and structure; the balanced body of Basque traditional cider provides Kupela with an inviting taste, full of fresh apple aromas and sunny fruits.

Basque Cider houses are known for serving large amounts of cider with the traditional cider menu which includes the widely famous large txuleton steaks.

Kupela Basque Cider should be served cool, between 10-12°C. It should be poured from about 30cm in height with a special cider pourer called ‘escanciador’, into a wide, tumbler thin glass; this way the bubbles of carbon dioxide are released, creating texture whilst releasing the aromas and qualities of the cider.

Food Pairing:
Starters, fish dishes, Basque pintxos, tapas, txuleton steak, paella and sushi.

Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Ingredients: 100% apples (Urtebi Haundi, Txiki, Moko & Errege Sagarra),
Net Weight: 75cl
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Kupela
Packaging: Sealed glass bottle
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Usage: Serve between 8 and 12°C
Vintage: 2020
Region: Basque Country
ABV: 6%
    • Sulphites

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    The Source


    Kupela which means “barrel” in Basque pays tribute to the sailors in the Basque region who embarked on their journeys with barrels of the the cider rich in vitamin C to help fight against illness.

    The ciders have been made for generations and it is still being produced using their traditional methods. Kupela’s goal is their desire to modernise Basque cider whilst continuing to honour the traditional way of creating it.


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    Recipe Inspiration

    Chorizo in Cider
    Chorizo in Cider
    Total time 30 mins
    Serves 4 people