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Fried Puntillitas with Squid Ink Aioli

Total Time 15 mins
4 people
  • Fried Puntillitas with Squid Ink Aioli
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Puntillitas are a type of baby squid which is quickly fried in a special flour and served in tapas bars all over Andalucía. The name is a diminutive of the word punta, which means point due to the pointy shape of this tiny squid. The secret to perfectly fried puntillitas is to work quickly when preparing them and frying them. The oil needs to be hot, so the flour seals itself all around the squid and doesn’t start to soak the oil and become greasy.
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Chef's Profile

Javier De La Hormaza

Javier is a Basque born, trained chef and hospitality professional, owner of Basco Fine Foods, a Spanish food and drink importer based in Yorkshire. He regularly runs client food and drink events around the country and he is a course tutor at Hartingtons of Bakewell cookery school. Javier's passion lies on bringing quality Spanish ingredients and recipes to as many people as possible.

Twitter: @bascofinefoods
Instagram: @mrbasco

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