Son Mercer de Baix Mahon Semi Cured Cheese
Son Mercer de Baix Mahon Semi Cured Cheese
Son Mercer de Baix Mahon Semi Cured Cheese
  • Chilled

Son Mercer de Baix Mahon Semi Cured Cheese


Ref: CH00070
Weight: 2KG

  • Moulded by hand by artisan cheesemaker

  • Rich, buttery and creamy...perfect melted on toast

  • Large wheel offers maximum yield and value for money

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Mahon cheese manufacturing process in Menorca follows very old practices handed down from fathers to sons and still carried out today. In Son Mercer de Baix they continue to use both morning and evening milk each day, making the cheese as they go along. Unlike other kinds of Mahon manufactured in plastic moulds, imitating the square shape, at Son Mercer de Baix all cheeses are moulded individually by hand ladling the curds in cotton cloths pressing the cheese on several occasions. This takes more time but is the best way to make an authentic Mahon cheese.

Our semi-cured Mahon cheese has a lactic, clean and damp cellar aroma. It is very buttery with a smooth, creamy paste. Its flavour has a pleasant acidity mixed with butter notes and an aftertaste reminiscent of dried fruits and raw hazelnut.

Serve with quince paste, Mahon cheese works really well melted on a burger.

2.2Kg Piece / Once opened keep it well wrapped in plastic wrap in a fresh and dark place / 1 year shelf life

This cheese is made with unpasteurised cheese.

Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Ingredients: Cows milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, milk ferments, Rind: olive oil & paprika,
Net Weight: 2KG
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Son Mercer de Baix
Packaging: Waxed paper wrap
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Usage: Ready to eat
Region: Menorca
  • Chilled
  • Milk
Nutritional Values
Energy KJ1.587Kj
Energy kcal383Kcal
of which saturates18.7g

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Son Mercer de Baix Mahon Semi Cured Cheese

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Son Mercer de Baix

The Source

Son Mercer de Baix

On the island of Menorca, in the middle of the Mediterranean, between the history and tradition of the rural landscape is located the cheesemaker Son Mercer de Baix. The specialise in Mahón cheese with PDO and other innovative products inspired by tradition. All Mahón cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin are made with freshly milked milk and are distinguished by their square shape and their peculiar flavour. The other Son Mercer de Baix cheeses are characterized by their original ingredients and new shapes, such as the heart shaped Mua. They are cheeses made with skill and love for lovers of cheese, Menorca and good food.

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