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    All the Flavour of Iberico Ham in a Smaller Joint

    Strictly speaking, Iberico Ham is made from the hind leg of the pig. Ham made from the foreleg of the pig is known as shoulder or paleta. This is a smaller cut, usually about 4-5kg in weight meaning that the ham doesn’t need curing for the same length of time as hind legs and can be cured in as little as 1 year. Like all Iberico ham, however, the meat still carries the characteristic intra-muscular fat of soft, moist nutty flavour of the Iberico pig. Being smaller also means that it is more manageable in a domestic setting, there is less ham to cut or store. Our shoulder hams come in two versions: bone-in Montanegra Iberico Bellota shoulder which will need a ham stand and knife to carve and Montanegra Boneless Iberico shoulder; a cut of about 2kg in weight and an ideal cut for home use especially if you have a small mechanical ham slicer.

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