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Arturo Sánchez
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Arturo Sánchez Cabecero Ibérico de Bellota 0.75Kg


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Weight: 0.75Kg

  • Made from 100% pure breed iberian pigs

  • Acorn-fed iberico certified

  • Iberian Pig with 2 montanera seasons

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Arturo Sánchez’ Cabecero Ibérico de Bellota is one of a kind. Made from acorn-fed 100% Iberian pigs and cured for a minimum of 6 months in a natural curing process in the fresh mountain air of Guijuelo. Savour thin slices of this tasty, cured sausage with a glass of fine wine.

Cabecero Ibérico is the pork collar or top of the loin, also known in Italian as coppa or capocollo. This is the muscle running from the neck of the pig to the ribs. After the loin, the cabecero is the third largest muscle from the Ibérico pork. The nature of this piece ensures that there is a high fat infiltration giving it its particular and distinctive marbled appearance. Arturo Sanchez’s family has been perfecting the cured Cabecero Ibérico preparation and dressing for generations with natural spices and an extraordinary De La Vera Spanish Paprika.

Only the best cabecero pieces are used in the process, as they must be impeccable pieces. After the preparation and dressing, the loins are stuffed into natural casing and smoked traditionally in a holm oak wood fire room. After the product spends a minimum of 6 months of natural drying process in our natural cellars. The result is an elegant product that has an intense delicate flavour with high permanence on the palate. 

This classic Spanish sausage comes in a whole piece, vacuum packed which makes it the ideal gift for any Spanish food aficionado. A superb sausage that is succulent, with incredibly soft texture thanks to the lean pork cuts used to make it.

Ibérico charcuterie can only come from black pigs of the Iberian breed. This legendary and select race has many qualities, including a great capacity to accumulate fat under its skin and between the muscular fibres. The fat is what produces the typical white streaks that make its hams so special and bring the legendary flavour. The presence of this fat, when used to create chorizo adds a special dimension to the flavour – something that must be tried! The acorn-fed richness runs through the sausage, creating that classic rich nutty flavour that you can only get from the Dehesas of Spain. The sausages are also hand filled to ensure that this wonderful tradition of producing Lomo Ibérico is kept alive.


Slice your Cabecero Ibérico as thinly as possible and serve with excellent bread and wine. You can add slices to salads or sandwiches. We prefer to eat slices of this superb Cabecero by themselves, better to enjoy the layers of flavour. For maximum taste, serve at room temperature with a glass of Matarromera Gran Reserva from Ribera del Duero.


Our Cabecero Ibérico comes in a whole piece vacuum-packed. Keep refrigerated between 0 and 6ºC. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 12 months unopened. Once opened, wrap tightly when stored and use within 1 month.

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Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Ingredients: Acorn-fed 100% iberian collar, salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, sugar, antioxidant (E-301), preservatives (E-252, E-250), acidity regulator (E-331 iii),
Net Weight: 0.75Kg
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Arturo Sánchez
Packaging: Vacuum bag
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Usage: Best served at room temperature
Region: Guijuelo
  • Chilled
  • Allergen Free

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Arturo Sánchez

The Source

Arturo Sánchez

Arturo Sánchez is a company with a century of tradition, experience, and treasured craftsmanship after four generations making ibérico products. During this time, Arturo Sánchez has been able to evolve without giving up the essential elements of their legacy: an improved, exclusive Iberian pork, along with an elaboration process that is the result of a symbiosis with nature. The result is a sublime product: healthy, natural, full of subtle nuances, a product that transcends the conventional parameters, creating a new category within Iberian produce. Nowadays, Arturo Sánchez products are true gastronomic jewels, acknowledged all around the world, where the Arturo Sánchez brand has become a benchmark and a guarantee of prestige, purity and flavour, appreciated in the most demanding gastronomic establishments and in each and every home where their products are consumed.

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