Aurora Sherry Tasting Box


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  • Includes a bottle of Manzanilla, Amontillado and Oloroso

  • The perfect gift to any sherry aficionado out there!

  • Includes wooden presentation box at an unbelievable price

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The Aurora Sherry Tasting Box by Basco contains a range of sherry wines from this iconic winery located in Sanlucar de Barrameda. If you are looking for a quality sherry gift that will impress anyone, look no further.

The Aurora Sherry Tasting Box includes sherries from a boutique winery that you cannot buy in any Supermarket or large store in the UK, making this selection a bespoke gift.

The name Aurora has a long history in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, dating back to the introduction of this wine in 1907. It refers to Aurora Ambrosse Lacave, the wife of Pedro Romero and the owner of the bodega after the death of her husband in 1911. She was a pioneering female executive in the sherry trade. The fact that a woman was running a winery over a hundred years ago in Southern Spain, does give more singularity to this brand and a source of inspiration to many women.

The Aurora Sherry Tasting Box includes:

Aurora Manzanilla – The bodega is currently owned by Bodegas Yuste, its owner Francisco Yuste has been producing Manzanilla wines for over 25 years. Yuste rescued the legendary brand Aurora and has now incorporated the Manzanilla into his own soleras, resulting in a Manzanilla of 8-10 years old, bottled with minimal treatment. The solera of Aurora has eight stages. In the past Aurora has been bottled as a Manzanilla Pasada but in recent times (in line with the general market tendency) it became a slightly younger Manzanilla. Nonetheless it is still older than most others. Funnily, Yustes wife, daughter and granddaughter are also called Aurora!

Aurora Amontillado – Aurora Amontillado is bottled from the third criadera of The Conde Aldama solera in Bodegas Los Angeles (Barrio Alto) in Sanlucar de Barrameda. The average age in criadera of this sherry is 15 to 20 years. Aurora Amontillado has a transparent amber colour. On the nose, it carries a pungent and penetrating bouquet of hazelnuts, burnt caramel and wood notes of pleasant complexity. On the mouth, it has a large range of taste sensations with a long lingering finish and a fine expression of its complex oak aged structure and saline flavours. Please note: this is a dry Amontillado sherry.

Aurora Oloroso – Aurora Oloroso, unlike Amontillado or Manzanilla sherry, is fortified at an early stage with wine spirit of about 17% alcohol. This inhibits the growth of flor – the yeast crust that gives other sherries their characteristic yeasty flavour. The Oloroso is then put into the solera system where it ages oxidatively, taking on the dried fruit characteristics of this wine. Put simply, the solera system is a process whereby aged wine is blended with younger wine to produce a harmonious and consistent product. Aurora Oloroso, in the glass is a deep mahogany fading to amber. On the nose there is an intense but fresh aroma of toasted nuts with a sweet, savoury salted caramel edge. On the palate the wine is well-rounded, dry and with clean acidity; further flavours of walnuts and almonds with a citrus tang and hints of leather. In the background is a briny lick characteristic of any sherry from Sanlucar de Barrameda.

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Country of Origin: Spain
Packaging: Wooden hamper box
Region: Jerez and Sanlucar de Barrameda
    • Allergen Free

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