Arbizu Chistorra Picante Sausage


Ref: CHA0014
Weight: 220g

  • Made from free-range Spanish pork

  • Absolutely 100% natural - no additives, no gluten

  • Traditionally served with fried egg but great in sausage rolls too!

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Chistorra sausage is a fast-cured sausage from Navarra, Spain.  This fast-curing process comes from the Basque Country and Navarra region. It is made with free-range minced pork and has a meat content that varies between 70% and 80%.

The sausage is flavoured with garlic and salt and it is the Paprika which gives it the traditional bright red colour which is traditionally associated with Chistorra. Chistorra is usually baked, fried, or grilled and accompanies other dishes; sometimes used as part of a tapas.

This is a premium Chistorra sausage.

220g Vac Pack Sausage / 3 months shelf life from date of manufacture / Once opened store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days.

Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Ingredients: Pork meat (Spanish origin), paprika, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, preservatives (potassium nitrate & sodium nitrate), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), edible collagen casing,
Net Weight: 220g
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Embutidos Arbizu
Packaging: Sealed plastic wrap
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Usage: Cook before serving
Region: Navarra
  • Chilled
  • Allergen Free
Nutritional Values
Energy KJ2017.2Kj
Energy kcal488.2Kcal
of which saturates15.6g
(of which sugars)0.2g

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Embutidos Arbizu

The Source

Embutidos Arbizu

Embutidos Arbizu are a company located in Navarra and dedicated to the elaborations of sausages, fresh meats and patés with a strong family character founded in the mid-sixties. Arbizu work in an artisan way so that the quality, variety and characteristics of all their product range is one of the most complete in the market. Arbizu have an extensive and renovated facilities equipped with the precise machinery to increase its production capacity, always from an artisan approach in terms of design and development. Their speciality, traditional Chistorra sausage from Navarra. Chistorra is a semi-cured sausage always made using minced pork blended with paprika, salt and a little water before the sausages are made and dried cured for four to five days.

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Recipe Inspiration

Chistorra Sausage Rolls with Lemon Aioli
Chistorra Sausage Rolls with Lemon Aioli
Total time 30 mins
Serves 6 people
Mussels with Chistorra Sausage and Txakoli
Mussels with Chistorra Sausage and Txakoli
Total time 15 mins
Serves 4 people