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Pimenton El Angel
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75 g

El Angel Smoked Paprika Picante Can


Ref: SPI0004
Weight: 75g

  • Made by family business since 1880

  • Gives the smokey and spicy flavour to a wide range of dishes.

  • Small can with both spoon or sprinkle dispenser

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Spanish paprika (Pimenton) is a traditional product of designation made from the milling of different varieties of red peppers, normally from either ocales, jaranda, jariza, jeromin and bola varieties or a mixture. It is grown and produced exclusively in the region of Extremadura in Spain. The peppers are smoked by the growers before being sent to the factory where they are ground in ancient stone mills. This coarse ground pimenton is smoky with a pleasant warmth. It has a high colouring characteristic and it is known to be the main secret to Spanish charcuterie, such as chorizo sausages and lomo iberico.

Spanish paprika can be used in a variety of dishes but the one dish that this ingredient is key, is in paella. Added just as the rice is frying in the oil, Spanish paprika provides the base flavour to any authentic paella. You can also use pimenton in stews, sprinkled on chicken breasts, pasta sauces, stroganoff sauce, as a marinade to barbecue meats, as a dip, in dressings, in patatas bravas….its uses are endless.

75g Can / Store in a cool and dry place

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Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Ingredients: Dried pepper, spicy varieties (99%), sunflower oil,
Net Weight: 75g
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Pimenton El Angel
Packaging: Tin wrapped in plastic
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Usage: Sauces, soups and stews
Region: Extremadura
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Allergen Free

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Pimenton El Angel

The Source

Pimenton El Angel

Pimenton El Angel is one of the most important and easily recognised companies with their sector. The company has more than 135 years worth of experience, who have continually innovated and maintained its main objective of providing top end paprika. They have been applying the most demanding management and food safety systems and also have the only plant steam sterilisation within the area.

Due to all of this they have become the leader in the market for Paprika.

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Only the finest ingredients sold
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Recipe Inspiration

Patatas Bravas Recipe
Patatas Bravas Recipe
Total time 40 mins
Serves 4 people