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Spanish Sea Salt

Spanish Sea Salt

Basque Sea Salt Flakes Picked By Hand

Sal de Anana is a Spanish Sea Salt harvested in the salt valley of Anana in the Basque Country. This Spanish sea salt is a highly regarded totally natural salt. It is no surprise that its quality is approved by 22 michelin star restaurants in Spain, who use it on a daily basis.


Spanish Sea Salt

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  • Añana Salt Flakes

    • Crispy salt flakes picked by hand
    • Approved by 22 Michelin stars in Spain
    • Sprinkling small flakes reduces the amount of salt used in food
    • Buy 3 for £3.33 each and save 5%
    • Buy 6 for £3.15 each and save 10%
  • Añana Mineral Salt

    • Highly pure salt crystals from 200 million year old underground seams
    • Used by over 22 Michelin Star Restaurants in Spain
    • Catering tub for multiple use at home
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