Habelas Hailas Orujo Blanco
Habelas Hailas Orujo Blanco
  • Allergen Free

Habelas Hailas Orujo Blanco


Ref: SP0002
Weight: 70cl

  • Made by micro-distillery using 100% traditional methods

  • Carries IGP label of Orujo de Galicia

  • Key ingredient when making a Queimada

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Orujo (o-roo-ho) is a pomace brandy (a liquor obtained from the distillation of marc, the solid remains left from the wine-making process) from northern Spain. It is a transparent spirit with an alcohol content over 40% abv. Its name comes from the expression “aguardiente de orujo” (pomace firewater). It is most commonly compared to ‘grappa’, the Italian liqueur produced in the same manner, but the Spanish version is often the preferred taste.

The purest variation of orujo is a colourless, fiery drink named Aguardiente de Orujo or simply “orujo blanco” (white orujo). Most shops will stock aguardiente ranging from 40-50% alcohol content, although home-brewed concoctions could range a little higher. Known for its strength and slightly herbal, sinus-clearing qualities, a shot is often added for those needing a little more action in their coffee – or if in Galicia, it will often be served hot as part of the “queimada” (burnt), having been dramatically flambéed with sugar, lemon and apple peel and coffee beans.

But even then, orujo never seems to be a means to getting drunk, in the way that other spirits can be. A “chupito” or shot of orujo is more commonly sipped and savoured, rather than knocked back; indeed, you feel rather like you’ve been let into a local secret, a deeper part of their culture. Mind you, at 50%, one too many and that’ll be a pretty torturous headache in the morning!


Ingredients, Nutritional Values & Allergens


Net Weight: 70cl
Best Before: See label
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand: Habelas Hailas
Packaging: Sealed glass bottle
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Usage: Can be savoured as a shot or added to coffee for a kick!
Region: Galicia
ABV: 40%
    • Allergen Free

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