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About Javier

Spanish Food and Drink is Javier's passion

Hola! My name is Javier De La Hormaza, a Basque born, adopted Yorkshire man, trained chef but lifetime cook, lover of food without gels or froths, hospitality professional turned food importer. I am absolutely passionate about Spain and Spanish food and drink, particularly old school Basque dishes and old time Spanish classics. I read and cook with the aim of tasty imperfection. I don't cook food so it looks pretty, I cook food to stuff my face and please people. Basque cuisine is very close to my heart and my goal is to bring a pinch of its gastronomic culture to a wider audience, which is why I set up this food blog. Basco is me, a Basque. The idea for this blog is to share with you authentic Spanish and Basque recipes you can cook at home. Simple, traditional recipes you will enjoy making and hopefully learn something new on the way.

Twitter: @bascofinefoods
Instagram: @mrbasco


Meet The Team

Ian Daniel Marshall 'The Pics'

Ian Marshall is a Yorkshire based photographer with a fine art background and an eye for commercial work. Through his work with Basco over the years Ian has been able to combine his love of food and his ability to create images that really do make the mouth water.

Laura Bennett 'The Wine Geek'

Hi everyone, my name is Laura, I am the Business Development Manager at Basco and the resident wine enthusiast, achieving Diploma in the Wines & Spirits education trust, basically making me a bit of a wine geek.  Having spent 15 years in the wine trade and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world visiting different countries and collecting many many different wines from my travels I wanted to share my experiences and wines I drink. I am often asked what is my favourite wine, I answer that I like all wines, the occasion plays a huge part in this and the people I am sharing the wine with and the food accompanying it.  Wine is constantly developing and changing and I was once told by a wine maker from Lebanon that a bottle of wine is the only living thing from that year that we can drink that can tell us what the climate was like.  He told me this while we were trying a bottle of wine from the 1960s.  I really liked this idea and how we were tasting something from the 1960s and the wine could still tell us so much about how it all began. Wine can taste so different depending on the food we have with it and this I believe is key to enjoying all wines.  I am lucky enough to take part in the judging at the International Wine Challenge which is an amazing opportunity to meet the experts within the wine trade and try some really stunning wines.  This blog will take you through the wines in the Basco portfolio, Spanish wines we try and my personal adventures through wine tasting and exploring new wines and new wine & food matches.

Our Chefs and Contributors

Marcus Bawdon

Marcus Bawdon is the editor of UK BBQ Mag and BBQ Blogger at CountryWoodSmoke. He also runs UK BBQ School in sunny Devon. "My motto is cooking outdoors whatever the weather". I love to inspire others to cook outdoors.

Twitter: @devonwoodsmoke
Instagram: @countrywoodsmoke

Javier De La Hormaza

Javier is a Basque born, trained chef and hospitality professional, owner of Basco Fine Foods, a Spanish food and drink importer based in Yorkshire. He regularly runs client food and drink events around the country and he is a course tutor at Hartingtons of Bakewell cookery school. Javier's passion lies on bringing quality Spanish ingredients and recipes to as many people as possible. 

Twitter: @bascofinefoods
Instagram: @mrbasco

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